On the Hippie Punching Responses of the Right to Occupy Wall Street Demonstrators

So let me get this straight.

On the one hand you have the so-called The Tea Party movement, which was an astroturfed movement, not a true popular movement, created and covertly financed by the corporations and the rich, especially the Koch brothers; supplied with daily talking points and handouts and posters by their corporate masters; supported by having their own cheerleading TV network, the Faux Noise Nutwork, which insured massive air time and coverage anytime a half dozen so-called tea party members showed up to rant aimlessly about how the evil government was going to go socialist, but they better not take their Medicare away.

On the other hand you have growing and massive numbers of Americans taking to the streets nationwide to protest the failure to punish the economic crimes that have almost destroyed the nation’s economy, the total dysfunction of government, and the takeover of Congress by the super rich 1% and the tax dodging corporations. Numbers far exceeding anything the Tea Party ever managed. Yet the mainstream media for a long time totally ignored even reporting on the Occupy Wall Street movement. It was not until the police in NY started macing defenseless and unoffending young women, then herded protestors onto the Brooklyn bridge, telling them it was OK, then turning around and arresting 700 of them, that the mainstream media started to actually cover what was going on.

I think what is really pathetic is to see comments in this thread that are just mindless spouting of meaningless right wing talking points. E.g. “Get a Job”. It is time for the majority of citizens in this nation to reject this militant ignorance, this contemporary manifestation of the threads of know-nothing and anti-intellectualism, which have historically had such a strong place repeatedly in American culture. You can hide your head in the sand, and be an ignorant fool, but that will not stop the wave of history or of global climate change, or the fact that evolution is a well founded theory while creationism is religious nonsense that explains nothing but the ignorance of its advocates.

I know that many in the right wing are comfortable in their bigotry and preconceptions, and it is so easy to try and call forth the old stereotypes and engage in what is nowadays called “Hippie Punching”.

But I have a news flash for you. These protests are not populated by the jobless. The vast majority of these people are not only working citizens, they are thoughtful citizens, who are fed up with the dysfunction of a Congress that is literally owned and operated by the super rich and the corrupt corporations.

They are also well enough informed and smart enough to realize that this has got to stop.


Author: Ron