Penn State’s Coverup for Assistant Football Coach and Sexual Predator

When I first read this, it was so unbelievable I had to go ask Teh Google for confirmation. And it is there. Lots of it, news sites and blog discussions. Multiple news reports of the indictment, e.g. this one from CNN.

Former Penn State coach charged with sexual abuse, maintains innocence By the CNN Wire Staff updated 8:45 PM EST, Sat November 5, 2011

Go read the news reports, and there is no way not to come away with one conclusion:

Any and everyone, and that includes Joe Paterno, is guilty. They covered up the crime, and it appears that instance was probably just one in a years long string of cases of sexual abuse of minors by a relentless predator.

It is hard to know which is more evil, the crime or those who cover for the criminal, in this case.

If the president of Penn State knew of this, the president needs to be fired, too.

What a tragic way to end a career for Joe Paterno, who recently celebrated his 409th Division I victory, thus becoming the Div I coach with the most wins, ever. One of the anecdotes told by the commentators during the game was how Paterno is now coaching the sons of men who played for him at the beginning of his coaching career, nearly 30 generational charges.

In the context of this news report, that is some mighty tragic irony.

This is unforgivable for all involved.

In news reports Monday morning, the dominoes have apparently started to fall.

Two top Penn State officials charged with covering up allegations of an explosive child-sex abuse scandal related to former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky stepped down late Sunday after an emergency meeting of the university’s Board of Trustees.

Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley requested to be placed on administrative leave so he could devote the time needed to defend himself against perjury and other charges, university President Graham Spanier said. Gary Schultz, vice president for finance and business, will step down and go back into retirement, Spanier said. He declined to comment to reporters after the meeting.

Resignations of famed football coach Joe Paterno and Spanier weren’t discussed at the meeting, which was arranged Sunday and lasted two hours, university spokesman Bill Mahon said.

Curley and Schultz were charged Saturday after a grand jury investigation of Sandusky. He’s been charged with sexually abusing eight boys over 15 years. Lawyers for all three men have said they’re innocent.

Sandusky, once considered Paterno’s heir apparent, retired in 1999 but continued to use the school’s facilities for his work with The Second Mile, a foundation he established to help at-risk kids. Curley and Schultz were accused of failing to alert police – as required by state law – of their investigation of the allegations.

“This is a case about a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys,” state Attorney General Linda Kelly said Saturday.

Tim Curley, George Schultz Step Down Amid Jerry Sandusky Sexual Abuse Scandal At Penn State


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