The GOP Plan to Destroy Social Security and Medicare

I have only this to say to the GOP. I am 66 years old. Retired. Drawing Social Security. I am extremely fortunate to have retired with a very solid retirement fund that will provide me with a decent middle class existence until my wife and I kick the old buckets, unlike over 75% of my generation now retiring, who have less than $35,000 retirement savings outside of their expected small Social Security checks.

Compared to over 85% of Americans now retiring, I would be considered wealthy. I do not consider myself more than just hanging on in the Middle Class, though.

It offends me to the deepest core of my moral being that you, the GOP and its leadership, assume that I care for nothing but myself. I find the lack of moral and ethical empathy among the GOP utterly repugnant.

What has happened to the moral and ethical compass of
this nation and its leadership? What has happened to the idea that we, the parents, are supposed to leave a better world to our children, and to their children?

Instead, the GOP offers a very simple platform: We, the elder generation that has snarfed up the majority of wealth, say to you, our progeny, our children, and future generations: Screw You.

We do not care if you have no prospect of enough money to live on when you are old.

We do not care if you will not be able to afford medical care when you are old.

We see no reason to keep these two programs, which are SAVINGS PROGRAMS FOR RETIREMENT, managed by the government to keep overhead costs low, and shield the trust funds from the predatory vulture capitalists who are SALIVATING at the prospect of robbing those trust funds, taking the money, and running.

Basically, today’s GOP has one guiding principle: I’ve got mine; screw the rest of you.


Author: Ron