Dick Lugar Fears the Tea Party Will Cost the GOP

I see Dick Lugar has finally reached the point of desperation in regards to the Tea Party, which is threatening to attack his seat in the Senate representing Indiana since 1976, because Lugar is not conservative or batsh*t crazy enough to suit them.

Lugar: Tea Party In 2010 ‘Killed Off’ Chance For Republican Senate

I wish I good feel sorry for Lugar, as a citizen of Indiana for the past 27 years or so. But Dick has made his bed, and is now lying in it. He voted for every GOP step of the way in dismantling the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Rule of Law. He has voted for every act of deregulation that has brought our economy to the brink of collapse. He has been running scared here in Indiana because of the Tea Party challenge, and made a number of pathetic attempts to “reach out to them” to show he could be just as crazy. It was really sad to watch.

Note I say I wish I could feel sorry, but I absolutely do not.

The GOP has brought this nation to the brink of collapse, and Dick Lugar, whatever good he did in many areas, e.g. arms control, in the past, has been part of that insane rush to disaster and destruction of this nation.

He frankly sowed the seeds of his own destruction by continuing to adhere faithfully to the GOP party line at every step of the way. He has just reached the point where the madness has reached the point that even he recognizes it is out of control.

Too late, though, for Dick and the GOP, and America.

How proud he must be of what his party has managed to do to this nation in just a couple of decades.


Author: Ron