Newt Complains Audience in Latest GOP Debate Stacked Against Him

As reported by Huffington Post:

Members of Newt Gingrich’s campaign accused Mitt Romney’s campaign of packing the audience for the Republican presidential candidate debate on Thursday night in Jacksonville, Fla., with its own supporters to ensure that the dynamics would be favorable to Romney.

“They definitely packed the room,” Kevin Kellems, one of Gingrich’s senior advisers, told The Huffington Post early Friday morning. “The problem for them is their candidate, at several junctures, couldn’t remember what he had said before on an issue or what the fundamental truth is on a given topic. TV viewers tend to notice and remember things like that.”

Romney Packed Debate Hall With Supporters, Gingrich Aide Says

To be fair to Newt, I do not find it at all hard to believe that the core power brokers in the Republican party would do this. Remember, this is the state whose Republican­s rounded up young men in their black suits to stand in the halls and threaten and intimidate those trying to do an honest but tedious recount of the Gore vs. Bush vote.

These are the people who have put their men on the Supreme Court in order to get the Citizens United vote, so they could totally dominate the electoral process with the bottomless pit of money the corporate oligarchy has at its disposal. All of that was part and parcel of their game plan: he who has the most money can totally blanket the airwaves and the media with their mind control message, and convince 99% of Americans to continue to vote 180 degrees opposite to their best interest, by carefully appealing to every dark streak of inhumanity in their souls, every last prejudice, every last base fear.

These are the people who starting with Reagen simply controlled the press by turning out the lights at Ronnie’s pressers when the questionin­g got too tough.

These people are relentless­, and will literally stop at nothing.


Author: Ron