Karen Handel of Komen: We’ll Just Pretend It’s About Investigations and Dump Planned Parenthood

My prior post covered the debacle of the dabbling of the Komen “Run for the Cure” organization’s dabbling in the black arts of right wing anti-woman extremism.

They originally announced that due to requirements that they fund no organizations “under investigation”, they would dump Planned Parenthood.

Well, today even more bad news for the instigators of that decision leaked out of the organization.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the nation’s leading anti-breast-cancer charity, has insisted that its since-reversed decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood arose from a routine change in criteria for grant eligibility that had nothing to do with abortion politics.

But a Komen insider told HuffPost on Sunday that Karen Handel, Komen’s staunchly anti-abortion vice president for public policy, was the main force behind the decision to defund Planned Parenthood and the attempt to make that decision look nonpolitical.

“Karen Handel was the prime instigator of this effort, and she herself personally came up with investigation criteria,” the source, who requested anonymity for professional reasons, told HuffPost. “She said, ‘If we just say it’s about investigations, we can defund Planned Parenthood and no one can blame us for being political.'”

Karen Handel, Susan G. Komen’s Anti-Abortion VP, Drove Decision To Defund Planned Parenthood


Author: Ron