The National Movement to Make Filming the Police in Public Illegal

About that looming police state meme:

In Cook County today Judge Stanley J. Sacks declared Illinois’ eavesdropping law—which is one of the toughest in the nation—unconstitutional in his ruling in the case of Christopher Drew, who was charged with the felony crime in 2009.

The eavesdropping law prohibits citizens from making audio or visual recordings of others without every recorded person’s explicit consent. Sixty-year-old artist Drew audio-recorded his interaction with a police officer who was arresting him for selling art patches at the side of the road. A police officer found the tape recorder and Drew found himself with a Class 1 felony charge, which carries up to 15 years in prison. “That’s one step below attempted murder,” Drew said in a January interview with the New York Times.

Illinois judge: law barring recording police is unconstitutional

Actually, no, it’s not hard to believe this law was passed in the first place.

This law is part of the move to wipe the slate clean of adherence to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and put the tools of arbitrary dictatorial control in the hands of the 1% and their minions. And to do everything possible to make sure the plebs lose all ability to resist. Modern technology’s ability to record and disseminate information rapidly and freely terrifies them. That is why the UN is pushing for a treaty that will end the openness of the Internet, and encourage governments worldwide to censor all information. And no, this is not an urban legend.

Tasers. Coming soon, drones flying over public and private spaces and property nationwide. Look at Britain, where every public space nationwide now has 24×7 police surveillance cameras. Big Brother Britain has more CCTV cameras than China. 4.2million closed circuit TV cameras here, one per every 14 people. Look at the GOP here in the United States, the self-proclaimed party of small government, which has expanded wars, spending, and the reach of government intrusively into the most private aspects of our lives at every chance they get.

You don’t see the pattern??


Author: Ron