RMoney’s Wife Ann Will Save Us from the Blackness in the White House!

Well, isn’t that special. Mitt’s handlers have decided to throw Ann, his wife, into the limelight, obviously in the belief it will be a great asset in his campaign for the presidency.

Mitt Romney heard through the grapevine that women are excited about his candidacy.

For at least the third time this week, Romney explained why he’ll win over women voters, despite a poll released late Sunday showing him suffering an almost 20-point gender gap in key swing states, by saying his wife talks to women for him. Ann “reports to me” on what women care about, he said.

His female surrogates on the campaign trail — including New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley — have taken the same tack. Rather than making assurances that Romney relates directly to women voters, they too admit that he uses Ann as a sort-of female translator, deciphering their concerns and relaying them to the candidate. Instead of supplementing his own pitch to women, Romney seems to use his female surrogates to remove himself from the equation entirely.

Romney Knows What Women Want: More Ann

Some of Ann’s best friends are women, Mitt RMoney says, and he learns all about wimmens from Ann.

Which leaves me wondering when he will reveal his plan for getting to know Black voters. Are some of his best friends Black? I have heard that one before, perhaps that is it. Or does he just have an aide who knows many Black friends, and Mitt can learn about them and their issues from his aide?

Same could probably be said of Latinos. And those of the LGBT community.

Inquiring minds, and all that. How about it, Willard? Tell us more about your sources of information.

Oh, and FWIW, we all realize Willard’s handlers are really putting Ann out there just to remind the core GOP racists that voting for him would be how they can throw that uppity Black Woman First Lady out of the White House. Who the heck does she think she is, telling us to quit overeating ourselves to death. Hmpph.

Thank $DEITY Ronald Reagan had Arnold Schwarzenegger available when the President’s Challenge fitness program to encourage activity and physical fitness in the schools was established back the eighties. If such a program had been prepared by Miss Uppity in the White House right now, it would have been soundly rejected and never funded, it would just be recognized as part of the game plan for socialism and dictatorship and forced broccoli eating.


Author: Ron