NFL Referee Nightmare is Over. Now How About Those Police, Firemen, and Teacher Retirement Plans??

The ref lockout is over.

Beginning with reports by Chris Mortensen of ESPN and Judy Batista of The New York Times earlier in the day that an agreement was close, a steady drumbeat of positive dispatches emerged from negotiations that reportedly gained intensity after the officiating debacle on “Monday Night Football,” when the Seahawks defeated the Packers, 14-12, by way of disputed touchdown as time expired.

Described as “a tentative contract agreement” by The Associated Press, the new 8-year deal must still be ratified by the union members on Friday. According to ProFootballTalk, the officials will vote on the deal in Dallas, where they will also pick up equipment and receive complete Week 4 assignments.

NFL Referee Lockout Ends: NFL, NFLRA Agreement Ends Use Of Replacement Officials

If only the American people could bring this same kind of pressure on legislators nationwide, and stop them from their concerted efforts to destroy unions and social security and retirement funds. That has emerged as one of the primary goals of the deficit hawks and the corporate oligarchy. Even Democrats are concerned that Obama will cave and start deconstructing Social Security.

One more time, folks. Social Security and Medicare are insurance programs. Citizens, like me, now retired, who have paid into them for our whole lives, do not take well to suddenly being told we are welfare queens mooching of the public tit. That is my saved money, which the government swore to put in trustfunds and protect, that you are stealing.

And when and why did policemen, firement, and teachers, and the unions that are there to protect their interests and give them a living wage and protect their retirement plans, become the enemy in America? Is it the goal of the GOP and the corporate oligarchy to reduce most Americans to wage slaves with no savings, no pensions, no access to money for medical care and the ability to live securely in old age? It certainly seems like it. For them, all that is important is adding to their pot of gold. The 1% already own more than half the wealth in America. Clearly, they just want it all.

And yet over 40% of Americans appear to be ready to vote for Mitt RMoney, the exemplar of vulture capitalism and all that is wrong with this nation.

What is the matter with you people?

Oh, well. At least I can now watch the NFL again without wanting to put a brick through the TV screen, aimed at a referee. Well, at least not every five minutes.


Author: Ron