Trump’s Attorneys Overheard Discussing Russian Investigation in Public Restaurant

This in the news today.

Attorneys Ty Cobb and John Dowd aired their grievances with White House counsel Donald McGahn and discussed other legal matters at a Washington steakhouse, where they were overheard by a reporter at the next table.

“Again, the lack of discipline,” Scarborough said. “I want to say the lack of any attorney that’s practiced law for more than a week knows the lack of discipline shown by this group is staggering. I don’t know any other client that, in similar circumstances, they had something like this happen, they would fire these attorneys immediately.”

Trump’s Attorneys Overhead in Restaurant Discussing the Mueller Russian Investigation

‘A caldron of rivalry and intrigue’: Trump’s legal team roiled by loose talk and differing Mueller strategies

I honestly think this incident goes to the heart of understanding the mindset of these people, and by these people I mean members of the GOP, Trump’s supporters, and the right wing conservative people in this nation who have poisoned our politics for decades, culminating in Trump.

They honestly consider themselves not to be subject to the rules and restrictions of everyone else.

We are now in a post-Constitutional period in American history. The Rule of Law, Due Process, the separation of powers, even requiring a declaration of war to go to war, all these principles are dead in the water, drowned in the bathtub, just as the right wing have desired would be the action taken against the Federal Government for decades. They honestly do not grasp that the fantasy world they have constructed is not the real world, and so they are shocked when they act and there are consequences.

Another perfect recent example is Shrekli, the PharmaBro, who is not sitting in detention and probably not having the time of his live, after the judge dropped an anvil of the law on his public call to assault Hillary Clinton for some of her hair.

Because increasingly there have been no consequences for such behavior, the incidents of its occurrence can only be expected to increase in the future. That is where we are as a nation right now.

Totally down the rabbit hole of alternate fantasized reality.


Author: Ron