Wow, Jesus and St. Nick Were Really Fat Old White Men, Per Faux Noise Nutwork

Did you know there is an organization, the St. Nicholas Center, that is devoted to the history of the saint that was the real historical figure back to which the lineage of our jolly old fat St. Nick is traced?

They recently did a forensic reconstruction of what he probably looked like.

The Real Face of St. Nicholas

Original image source: The Faces of St. Nicholas

This contrasts just a tad with how Megyn Kelly on the Faux Noise Nutwork handled the topic the other day. She went out of her way to assure her viewers, especially the kiddies, that they should not get all uncomfortable, because, really, Jesus and Santa Claus were really, really White.

Megyn Kelly Wants Kids At Home To Know That Jesus And Santa Were White

Here is how one newspaper reported the reporting (and I use the term very, very loosely) by Ms. Kelly, Ace Reporter.

The Fox News star has stepped into a holiday hornet’s nest by insisting on her show that both Jesus and Santa Claus were white — and that anybody who believes otherwise needs to get over it.

“For you kids watching at home,” Kelly said during her prime-time show on Wednesday, “Santa just is white. But this person is arguing that maybe we should also have a black Santa.”

Then Kelly, a Fox franchise player, dug herself in further by saying that Santa couldn’t be anything but Caucasian because he’s like Jesus.

“Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change,” Kelly said. “You know, I mean, Jesus was a white man, too.”

Kelly was reacting to a piece by Aisha Harris, who had made the case that maybe, as the U.S. becomes more diverse, it was time to “ditch Santa the old white man altogether, and embrace Penguin Claus.”

“People love penguins,” Harris wrote.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly declares Jesus and Santa were white

I just dropped the folks at the St. Nicholas Center a note via their contact form, just in case they wanted to check their facts. After all, they won’t want Faux Noise Nutwork after them for being part of the “War on [White] Christmas ™”. No, we would not want that.

Gee, guys. I guess you haven’t heard from Megan Kelly on America’s Faux Noise Nutwork ( known by some as Fox News), that Santa and, Heck, Jesus two, were White Men. And she and her network have just had it up their lily white ears with the War on Christmas, and suggestions that Jesus was a Jew and St. Nick might have been somewhat darkly hued.

Or, as our chubby White (NOT BLACK OR JEWISH, NO WAY) Santa would say:

Ho Ho Ho. Happy Holidays.

Oh, sorry, I meant Merry Christmas. Otherwise I would be participating in the War on Christmas.

UPDATE: December 16.

The blog Political Truths has an outstanding post up which reviews this episode in Faux Noise Dog Whistling, and puts it completely in perspective, including video snippets, so go see the whole thing. But to quote the salient passages from their post:

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly is now backtracking in her very ‘assertive’ non apologetic manner. She wants everyone to believe that her comments were just tongue and cheek. They were jokes. People are taking it too seriously. Stating in a rather stern and categorical manner to the multicultural & multiracial fabric of American kids that Santa and Jesus are white to her then, were just facts folks needed to live with.

Megan Kelly was apparently forced to backtrack from her comments. She simply could not believe the uproar that it caused. After all, ‘she was only joking.’

Does Megyn Kelly not realize that it is well known that the talking heads on her network, Fox News, are the masters of the dog whistle? Does she not realize that her over analysis of a piece by a not so well known blogger, Aisha Harris, to find yet another Fox News story of those others’ war on Christmas was a dog whistle?

Megyn Kelly is backtracking not because she made a mistake, but because her dog whistle was disinfected.

Megyn Kelly Responds to National Ridicule on White Santa/Jesus Screw Up (VIDEO)


Author: Ron