A Little Premature to Declare Rubio the GOP Candidate

OK, I just read my way down the front page of one of my favorite blogs, John Cole’s Balloon-Juice, which I read daily, for past 24 hours of postings, and seriously, people are ready to declare Rubio the eventual winner? Seriously?

If performance in polls have told me anything so far this cycle, it is that the core GOP voters are in massive rejection of the establishment candidates.

The GOP has become the party of neocons influenced by the philosophy of Leo Strauss, who advocated among other things, the right of the ruling class to employ “noble lies” to manipulate the masses. He envisioned conscious selection of candidates for public office being selected not because they were great leaders, but because they could be staged to appeal to the ignorant masses, win their votes, and then be controlled by the power elite, the philosopher kings, in effect, that Strauss envisioned pulling the strings of society.

Any of that sound vaguely familiar? G.W. Bush? Dick Cheney? Ring any bells.

Well, I think many of those manipulated masses have realized they have been manipulated. And that the elite and entrenched leadership of the GOP were just manipulating them when they kept appealing to their fundamentalist religion, anti-abortion sentiments, anti-gay, anti-Black, fear of “The Other.” They have realized that voting for the GOP establishment candidate was not getting the job done.

And in case you have not noticed, Trump and Carson between them share only one or two points shy of FIFTY PERCENT of the GOP electorate,.

And you are declaring Rubio the winner?


Oh, well, I console myself that Hillary Clinton, the probably eventual candidate, although I will vote for Sanders in the primary, will snack on Rubio as the light snack that he is.


Author: Ron