Trump and Hurricane Harvey, Having a Good Time?

Currently the right wing is circulating a photoshopped picture of Trump, in his suit, supposedly reaching out to help a flood victim out of the water. has a full debunking of the image up already.

What can be more sickening and revealing of the shallowness of this man-child than his visit to people in a shelter, who may have lost their homes, and all their possessions, and maybe their livelihood, and all he can come up with is “have a good time?”

What we have done as a nation is turn reality TV into reality. But the problem is, no matter how you cut it, reality TV was and always will be, fiction, contrived and fake plots and situations. Ultimately history will, when analyzing this part of our nations history, demonstrate the pernicious effect of American TV and its turn to reality TV shows to entertain the masses as a key part of what undid the thinking of the American electorate to the point they could elect a man who is so manifestly and dangerously unqualified to hold the office of president.

Meanwhile, the current leader of the free world, Angela Merkle, appears to be cruising to victory in Germany’s current election cycle.

My father and uncles who fought in WWII to save this nation and world from the Nazis are spinning in their graves at the tragic irony.


Author: Ron