Collapse of GOP Obamacare Repeal, the GOP as Evil Minions of the Oligarchy

As the past week ended, the latest GOP effort to destroy Obamacare at the behest of their billionaire donors, in order to provide them another massive tax cut, collapsed, thanks to John McCain and Susan Collins Sadly, Lisa Murkowski was silent, leaving one to wonder if her moral impulses had collapsed in view of the massive bribe the GOP had offered her, namely to leave Alaska alone, functioning as currently set up in Obamacare. A bribe which would have immediately been challenged in court, of course, as would most of the current sorry excuse for legislation the GOP had cobbled together in secret.

Here is an article on the Washington Post discussing what is hopefully the final collapse of this effort, as after the end of September, the GOP has to return to regular order, and actually work in a bipartisan fashion across the isle, hold hearings, little things like that.

Bill Cassidy: The public face of a doomed health-care bill

I used to think we had reached peak wingnut, where the a limit to the bald faced lies the GOP tells had been reached, or the people would finally wake up and realize what marks they have been for decades. It appears we are not there yet.

The open, shameless lying by the GOP during this episode is simply mind-boggling. They denied it would cost anyone insurance, yet estimates are 33 million would lose. They denied it ended protection for preexisting conditions, yet it would in effect, because people with such would end up paying a hundred thousand in annual premiums, or more, which of course no one could.

Most telling of all, however, was the simple fact, overheard when forty GOP senators chatted in the Senate lunchroom, that this bill was being pushed because the GOP backers, the billionaires, the oligarchs, the Koch brothers, Sheldon Addison, wanted it, because what it really was was a vehicle to get at yet another round of massive tax cuts for the one percent, our ruling class plutocratic oligarchy. The primary reason for gutting Obamacare is to cut the capital gains taxes that partially fund the it. Cutting benefits and funding is secondary to the primary purpose of cutting taxes on capital gains and corporations.

Also, ideologically, this was critical to them, because they must crush any successful government sponsored and administered program, because any success is a repudiation of their cherished desire to destroy government regulation and services. This is their ultimate goal, to drown government in the bathtub, as I think the pimply faced teenage tax genius Norquist said.

There is nothing honest, or aimed at the betterment and welfare of the American people, that the GOP has done for decades. Self serving, wealth aggrandizing evil minions. That sums them up.


Author: Ron