Donald Trump Lies About Looming GOP Tax Plan

President* Donald Trump held a press conference in Indianapolis, at which he insisted that there were enough votes to pass the latest GOP health care abomination, which of course there are not, and he also prattled on about the looming massive GOP tax reform plan.

The Washington Post did a fact check on Trump’s presser and his statements on the tax plan, and it was not kind.

Fact-checking President Trump’s tax speech in Indianapolis

Even Business Insider has an article up predicting how this so-called tax reform will go down in flames.

This tax plan is a looming political disaster for Republicans

The New York Times is just incredibly blunt in their assessment.

The standard by which the Trump tax plan should be judged is the standard that the Trump administration itself has set.
“There will be no absolute tax cut for the upper class,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said shortly after the election. “My plan is for the working people,” President Trump said yesterday. “I don’t benefit.”
None of that is true. It’s the latest disturbing example of politicians telling falsehoods about a proposed policy. Trump has done so repeatedly, and now members of Congress are doing it more often, too. These aren’t mere exaggerations or truth shadings; they are often just lies.
“Trump’s tax plan: prioritize cuts for the rich, say he isn’t,” as New York Magazine succinctly puts it.
You can read The Times Editorial Board’s analysis — that the plan relies on the discredited notion that tax cuts for the rich help everyone — here.

(Quoted from NYTDirect daily email newsletter)

It is impossible to fact check Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is a fact free zone. One should always start with the assumption that every word that came out of is mouth is either a lie, a half truth, or a random thought that spilled out of his brain due to free association or the last Faux Noise Nutwork program he watched, and then focus the analysis on whether any of his statements of a kernel of truth.

What the GOP tax plan would do to the United States is what Brownback managed to do in Kansas. He was able to do a full-on implementation of GOP ta cutting and imaginary math implementing the trickle down theory. As a result, Kansas is practically bankrupt, and even members of the GOP had to cross the isle to slap Brownback down and implement rational taxes to staunch the bleeding.

This is just one more round of the one percent not being satisfied with having 99% of the wealth, they want it all. The estate tax? That affects precisely two out of one thousand deaths. And those two are the richest citizens. But we must be sure to continue the transfer of wealth to a tiny handful, and resist any efforts to end the wealth inequality that is poisoning our society and our democracy and the economic health of our nation.

That is your modern GOP.

Well, aside from the white supremacist racism, the homophobia, the sexism, and the general bigotry and hatred of anyone not lucky enough to be born white. That is the base. That is who Trump is now playing to. That is what Roy Moore will bring from Alabama.


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