Time to Oppose Kavanaugh, Get On Right Side of History

Following posted to Senators Todd Young and Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Monday, September 24, 2018.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh are damning.

Not only that, within the past three days THREE MORE CREDIBLE ALLEGATIONS have been made, including Kavanaugh’s participation in group rape of drunken women. It is imperative that you stand with her and reject Kavanaugh’s nomination. It would be unconscionable to give him a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court after hearing Dr. Ford’s story. I am counting on you to do the right thing. Thank you.

Aside from these allegations, it is crystal clear that Kavanaugh has been groomed by the Federalist Society for years, to put conservative justices on SCOTUS who will always vote on behalf of the wealthy, the powerful, the oligarchy, and corporate entities, and AGAINST Americans.

He clearly intends to overthrow Roe v. Wade, ACA, to allow gerrymanderying. He represents the worst evil that has festered and grown in American politics for decades. The GOP, by supporting him in the face of all of this, is writing its own death warrant, which I believe, despite efforts by the GOP to disenfranchise voters, will be made clear in the coming 2018 midterm elections.

Your choice is clear. Will you choose between evil or good? Will you choose your oath to the Constitution, or fealty to Trump, who is only in the White House because a massive disinformation and propaganda campaign by our avowed enemy state, Russia, put him there, WITH HIS COLLUSION.

History and the American people are watching.


Author: Ron