James Comey vs. GOP Deep State Conspiracy Theory

The Republicans in the House called James Comey in to a hearing, one last desperate measure to keep their false talking points on the Deep State and Hillary’s emails going. Comey refused to appear unless the transcripts were published, stating bluntly he wanted to avoid the selective leaking the GOP do.

In this weeks hearing, while answering questions from Democratic member of the committee Elijah Cummings, Comey had some interesting things to say about the wild GOP assertions that a Deep State cabal of people within the government oppose and are attacking Trump.

“We are going to be okay,” the former FBI director said after Cummings asked him if he believed America will bounce back from the damage many believe Donald Trump caused.

“We’re going to be okay,” he reiterated. “Because the culture of this nation, the culture of an institution like the FBI — there’s no deep state. There’s a deep culture, in the military, in the intelligence community, in the FBI — those three I know very well — a commitment to integrity and the rule of law.”

“No president serves long enough to screw that up,” Comey added.

James Comey expertly shot down Republicans’ ‘deep state’ conspiracy theory — to their faces

As to Comey’s assertion that the tenure of one president will not outlast the resilience of American traditions and institutions, OK, I can only point out that Hitler and his minions, at the time of the failed beer hall putsch in 1923, were found in possession of documents which already outlined how that would quickly move to subvert and alter the functioning of government to seize total power as quickly as possibly. This even included documents starting the drive to remove all Jews from society. This nine years before Hitler finally took control of the government, by which time he and the party were even better prepared. Within a matter of months, the Nazis had total and iron control of the apparatus of state power. One of the first things they did was install judges who would rule for the Nazi ideology, and ignore all precedent and law. In other words, they got rid of the Obama judges. And the Jews of course.

The amount of damage that Trump and his far right conservative nutcakes he put in power throughout government agencies is pretty mind boggling, and we may take years or decades to recover, if we ever can recover. This is a dark moment in American history, we really do stand on the cusp of losing the Republic to a demagogue who has no understanding of or respect for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. None.


Author: Ron