Faux Noise Brit Hume on Stacey Abrams Calling out GOP Racism

So, Brit Hume on Faux Noise Nutwork complained after watching Stacey Abrams response to Trumps 2019 State of the Union speech that he thought she thought we were back in 1963.

Fox News’ Brit Hume cries bitter tears after Stacey Abrams calls out GOP racism: ‘You’d think it was 1963!’

Having lived as a teen through the Birmingham Civil Rights movement in 1963, the Church Bombing, the bombing of Black homes in the middle class neighborhood on south side of city, the integration of the schools and the chants of my class mates, “two four six eight, we don’t want to integrate,” watching the two Black girls in my school who were first to integrate it spit on and cursed in the hall, escorted everywhere by an old maid white teacher, all I can say is, finally Brit Hume and the Faux Noise Nutwork got something right, it is like 1963.


Author: Ron