Impossible to Contact New Indiana Senator Mike Braun

Sent the following to the email address mentioned in comments below. Also posted this as a comment on, in a diary calling on people to contact their senators. As if!

It is impossible to call new Indiana Senator Mike Braun. I have tried for the past ten days. On the web site, he only has the one page brief default page. It has an address in Washington, D.C., and email address, and a phone number. I have called the number every day for the past ten days. I get a recording of his voice, telling me to leave a message since every one in his office is busy right now. When the message ends, I immediately get a message that “that mailbox is full”, and it hangs up on me.

This is the goal of GOP representation. Never having to listen to or put up with the plebeian masses they are supposed to represent.

I called my local paper and suggested this was worth a story. Which apparently they did not think was so, I have not seen a peep in the paper about it.

After the elections two years ago, both the GOP senator from Indiana, Todd Young, and the new IN-09 Rep, Trey Hollingsworth, no longer allow you to fax them. There are no fax number listed on their web sites. Hollilngsworth, a carpetbagger whose rich Tennessee family bought him the seat, refuses to hold town hall meetings.

They care about three things: money, power, and their corporate overlords. That is all.


Author: Ron