Letter to Congress: End this Shutdown!

Following submitted via web sites this morning of Rep. Trey Hollingsworth (IN R-09), and Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun.

President Trump rejected the funding bill signed off on by House and Senate. And the GOP are too craven vote to end this absurd shutdown of the government, because apparently their oath to uphold the Constitution and act on behalf of the people is secondary to their allegiance to the toddler in chief who is throwing a tantrum because Faux Noise Nutwork told him to.

There is no crisis at the border. Every statistic the president and his minions have presented is either a lie or a distortion. Immigrants crossing the border is the fifth lowest in 46 years! The statistics on drugs and terrorists were drawn from airline entry and legal entrant points. Everything this president says is a bald face lie.

And you know it.

I am retired, and at the moment, I cannot do a minimal withdrawal without, for the first time in seven years of retirement, eating into the capital amount of my retirement fund. Why is that? Because Trump’s insane and unnecessary trade wars and this government shutdown has collapsed the stock market.

And you know it.

History is going to judge harshly the GOP, for its failure to stop this descent into autocratic madness, and their failure to uphold the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

And that judgement will not be good.


Author: Ron