Faux Noise Nutwork Suddenly Complaining About the 3,452nd GOP Debate This Cycle

Well, fancy that, coming from one of the talking heads at Faux Noise Nutwork.

Chris Wallace on Saturday said what many journalists, television viewers and probably the GOP candidates are thinking.

“It is ridiculous how many debates there have been–this is the nineteenth debate,” he said on the Mike Gallagher Show, referring to Thursday night’s Republican debate. “It is insane that there have been nineteen debates!”

Chris Wallace: GOP Debates Are ‘Stupid’

Actually, the many debates have accomplish­ed one critical thing: Exposed the GOP candidates for the vapid, empty, soulless husks that they all are.

What Wallace really wants to say is, by having so many debates with that consequenc­e they have lost control of the message, which is all that Faux Noise Nutwork and the GOP machine, controlled by the corporate oligarchy, are all about.

Wallace is just pointing out they made a critical error in judgement by having so many debates.

One has to ask if without all these debates all of the many facts about Romney and Gingrich would have come out so fast and so furiously, and with each new exposure of fact about how truly awful they are, lowered them in the polls against Obama nationally­.


Author: Ron